• Drafting of legal documents
  • Consultancy on transfer of property
  • Registration of property.

Dinesh Gandhi & Associates is a provider of bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation outsourcing services to American companies from its offshore center in India. We specialize in servicing CPA firms as well as small, medium and large businesses.p>

Outsourcing Accounting Online is became a Powerful Business Strategy! 35% of America's Largest Businesses now deploy Accounting Outsourcing.p>

We are an accounting outsourcing firm in India that works for businesses who outsource bookkeeping and accounting services. We provide full time and part time outsourced bookkeeper and accountants remotely on-demand.p>

Because of new technology advances, you now have the same alternative as Fortune 500 firms, no matter how small or large you are just outsourcing accounting to India makes your company focus on core business, reduces operating costs and increase profitability.

Our Outsourced Accounting Services

  • Tax Accounting
  • Financial Statements & Reports
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Year-End Review
  • Books Cleanup
  • Management Reporting

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting

The most common reasons management chooses to outsource accounting services are to reduce operating costs, improve company focus, improve quality, free up capital, and increase capabilities not otherwise available and to reduce cycle time.

By outsourcing accounting your company could:

  • Focus on core business. Off-load non-core functions.
  • Get skilled staff at affordable fees. Cost savings of over 50%!
  • Increase customer satisfaction. Improve speed and service.
  • Get access to world-class technology at lower rates.
  • Grow your business. Beat Competition.

The most successful businesses of today have gone to online outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping and now have time and money to spend on differentiating themselves in the marketplace. If you are looking for ways to reduce overhead and focus on your core business, now is the perfect time to same time and money and turn those into profit by outsourcing accounting.

Why hire an accountant? Use our bookkeeping and accounting services. If you are looking to outsource accounting to India then contact us right away!