Audit of both public and private companies, Banks, Financial Institutions, Business Entities, and Non Government Organisations. The clientele is represented by different segments. We place emphasis on quality audit procedures and objective reporting. We also render advisory services on all aspects of corporate management.

Statutory Audits

Reviewing compliance with accounting procedures, provisions of company law, tax laws and other related laws, standards and guidelines as recommended by the Institute of Chartered Accountants for India in line with international accounting norms. Besides we analyses and report on the performance of the company to the board of directors through meaningful ratios, cash flows and other analysis tools. Send Your Enquiry.

Tax Audits

Auditing the accounts of the organization in accordance with the specified provisions of the Income tax laws of India and providing disclosures of relevant information in specified formats.

Special Audits

  • Management Audits: Audit requested by the Board of Directors from time to time viz. for audit of policies and decision.
  • Operational Audits: Analysis of transaction flows in business operations viz. inventory, finance, receivables, etc.
  • Internal Control Reviews: Reviews conducted in order to provide assurance to the management on the error free running of the business systems by evaluating existing controls of an organization and suggesting improvement.
  • Investigation Audits: Audits carried out at the request of the management to investigate issues like suspected fraud, misappropriation, etc.
  • Compliance Audit of Banks, NBFC, and BPOs,

Bank Audits

  • Statutory Audit
  • Concurrent Audit
  • Revenue Audit
  • Stock Audit
  • Valuation of Current Assets
  • System Audit
  • Due Diligence Audit
  • KYC Audit

System Audits

The System Audit will cover, besides the requirement specified in respect to system audit under CISA or any other professional code of conduct, compliance of system with the rules, regulations, bylaws of Exchange, circulars / instructions /undertaking pertaining to CTCL and internet based trading system issued by SEBI and the stock Exchange from time to time. The audit shall be conducted for the purpose of and with an objective of identifying the system inadequacies/ deficiencies, if any, based on compliance requirement and the implication of such inadequacies. The Audit shall broadly cover the following areas/aspects:

  • Statutory Audit
  • Concurrent Audit
  • Revenue Audit
  • Stock Audit
  • Valuation of Current Assets
  • Service Tax Audit
  • Existing features and system parameters implemented in the trading system.
  • Identify the adequacy of input, processing and output controls.
  • Identify the adequacy of the application security so that it commensurate to the size and nature of application
  • Event Logging and system monitoring.
  • User Management
  • Password Policy / Management
  • Test of adherence Policies
  • Network management and controls
  • Change Management and version controls
  • Backup system and procedure
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery plan
  • Documentation for system processes
  • Security features such as access control network firewall and virus protection measures.
  • Any other area/aspect which may be material for inclusion in the audit certificate and which may be specified by the Exchange from time to time.